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Facial Ionic Treatment Device

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Facial Ionic Treatment Device

The KATHLEEN® Facial Ionic Treatment Device is a cordless, inexpensive and surprisingly effective equipment to improve skin appearance. This facial treatment device has combined the ionic micro-current and pulsation exercise, which is suitable for lymphatic drainage massages and facelift treatments. Working together with Kathleen’s Silk Miracle Essence, it leaves your skin looking plumper and firmer. Begin your beauty from the inside out!

1. Preparing the skin for treatment
Clean the face and neck thoroughly and dry it.

Recommend to use Kathleen Cleansing Lotion to cleanse the skin with the gauze muslin face cloth or Facial Sonic Cleansing Device for deep cleansing.

2. Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Double spray the Tonifying Mist over the face. Turn the device on by moving indicator to + setting. Gently position the device’s Treatment Head on the position and glide slowly towards to the lymph nodes on the one side and then the other side. Always working on the upwards and outwards positions. Once finished, turn the device off by moving the indicator to 0 setting.

3.Facelift Treatment
Working in sections, apply Kathleen Silk Miracle Essence to the area being treated. Starting from bottom of the neck and always working upwards and outwards position (works as “anti-gravity” motions). Turn the device on by moving indicator to – setting. Use the PLACE -> LIFT -> HOLD steps PLACE: place the device’s Treatment Head gently on the position. LIFT: Lift the device together with the face muscle. HOLD: Hold the device in the position for 2-3 seconds. This should be done a minimum of 3 times on each position. Once completed the neck, turn the device off to 0 setting. Then, we can treat the other areas in following sequences: neck, jawline, cheek, brow line & temple, forehead and hair line.

  • No pains, No needles
  • Adapted for lymphatic drainage massages
  • Designed for facelift treatments
  • Enhance the penetration of skincare formulations
  • Easy to operate

All skin types including very sensitive skin

Warning: Contains LED indicator. Discontinue use if light sensitivity occurs.

More Information
Brand Kathleen
Category Face
Gender Unisex
Specific concern Loss of Elasticity
Size 50ml
Skin Type All Skin Types
Product Type Toner
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