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Anesi Aqua Vital Creme Confort 50ml

Anesi Aqua Vital Creme Confort 50ml

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Aqua Vital Creme Confort

A specially formulated cream, with active ingredients, to relieve very dry skin. Eliminates the sensation of tightness and renders a 24 hour hydration, increasing elasticity and radiance.

Aqua Vital Creme Confort

  • Nourishing and re-hydrating dry and very dry skins
  • Eliminating tightness and roughness
  • stimulates keratinocytes
  • Treating and healing skins damaged by cold weather, the wind or the sun

Main ingredients

  • 3D Hidra APS, Celldetox®, Inperata Cylindrica, Shea Butter, Olive Oil


  • Nourishes and rehydrates dry and very dry skins
  • Repairs skin dryness caused by lack of water
  • Treats and heals skin damaged by cold weather, the wind or the sun


  • Long lasting hydration thanks to the Imperata Cylindrica Extract and the Polarized Water
  • Luscious and soft emollient that nourishes the skin
  • Smoothes the skin while improving elasticity
  • Its formula, specially developed to provide dry skins with comfort, eliminates tightness or roughness
  • Also recommended for the sensitive skin of children and for men (to soothe the skin after shaving)

How to apply

Apply on clean face and neck avoiding the eye contour.